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The Mountain Democrat Newspaper Article on Legacy October 2019

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Student Update

Hello Legacy Music Supporters!
One of our former students contacted us recently. She was an orphan from another country and adopted here in the US. Her contagious, beautiful, sweet spirit and dedication to practicing guitar was inspiring not only to us but to her peers. She reports that she is still practicing every day, which is of no surprise!
Thank you for supporting our efforts!
Musically Yours,
Legacy Music 

What Students and Staff are Saying About Legacy

Update on our newest round of lessons... guitars are all over Summitview's campus with students practicing on breaks and lunches! 

Staff feedback, "guitar lessons are making a positive impact on behavior." 

Student feedback, "When I was feeling really stressed and overwhelmed, I just played my guitar, and I felt a lot better. I played rather than self-harmed or other negative behaviors."

Next Round of Classes Starts!

Our next round of classes starts next Tuesday, and we have 26 students committed. Your donations have helped us raise exactly enough money to buy the 12 additional guitars we needed. We are hoping for additional donations for supplies like cases, tuners, and capos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking for student level acoustic guitar donations for our next round of classes. Monetary donations can be done right here on the Facebook page and our website has information on how to donate guitars.
Thank you all so much!! 

Testing New Curriculum

Tested our 1st new lesson curriculum with an 11 year old kiddo with no guitar experience today. Although she was having a very difficult day she nailed beginner (1 note) G, C, Em, and full D chords! Very excited to roll this curriculum out with our full class of 20+ student at Summitview Child and Family Services on July 17th!